Acupuncture Treatment for a Stubborn Cough

Natural Health Center’s Acupuncturist, Dr Lea Krier is an expert practitioner, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Here (pictured left) she is working on one of the teenage Vanderpools for a stubborn cough that would not clear. She began treatment by looking at Sophia’s tongue and taking her pulse. Sophia’s lung was determined to be weak from year-round swimming competitions and the cold weather.

Treatment included needles that were placed in acupuncture points for the lung and Moxibustion.

Moxa is a Chinese herb that burns in stick form (like incense). Dr. Lea touches the Moxa stick to the tips of each tiny needle in Sophia’s hands, feet, shins and clavicle. Afterwards she performed cupping on her back and gave her Chinese herbs to take twice a day.

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