Happy New You!

by Medea Beauvais, our Frown Turner Upside-Downer

It’s 2013! Thankfully we get yet another opportunity to reclaim our lives for good! Some of you make a resolution every New Year. Perhaps you have resolved to change a habit. You might have resolved to lose a few extra pounds, exercise or eat differently. Have you promised yourself that you would give up something extra this year?

I have been watching some of the people in my life, yet again, proclaim New Year’s resolutions. A common thread I have noticed are resolutions that emphasize giving up something perceived as unhealthy, excessive or unwanted. Have you ever thought about approaching your resolution from the opposite angle?

I am all about shedding the things that cause negativity in my mind and in my life. I don’t find that very easy to do. In fact, I find that struggling to purge negativity causes more negativity at times. It seems so easy, but at times I feel like it’s nothing but a battle to rid myself of the things/people/places that foster negativity. That is where the opposite angle I was speaking of comes in.

What if instead of purging old habits, we invite new habits into our lives? Perhaps you are wondering what the difference is. Its perspective! Changing your life requires changing your mind first and foremost. Maybe you bite your nails. Instead of thinking that you shouldn’t bite your nails and torture yourself trying to break that old habit, decide that you want to start a new habit of loving your nails. Loving your nails includes keeping them healthy and strong, cutting and/or filing the rough edges, cleaning around them and under the tips. Biting them isn’t a loving action, is it? After you train your mind to think of habitually loving your nails, you will ultimately stop biting them! I have first hand experience with this (no pun intended)! I bit my nails for years because they were thin and flexible. They often ripped if I was using my hands for projects or even just daily activities. I also bit them when I was feeling anxious. Well I decided to make a new habit of loving my nails and that included feeding myself things that would contribute to stronger, healthier nails. I had such good results that I actually formed new, healthy eating habits (spinach every day). When I am feeling anxious I might pull out a nail file or even some snazzy fingernail polish. That does the trick! My nails are tough, baby! I couldn’t even bite them off if I tried.

Instead of giving up sweets (“giving up” just sounds negative, doesn’t it?!), invite healthy foods onto your life. Invite! Invited things are welcomed! Welcome good things, new things, and positive things into your life. They will ultimately replace those habits that you want to break. Do you believe that? You SHOULD!

Put a spin on this year’s resolution and have a happy new YOU!

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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