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Custom Swedish Massage: Relax your weary body during this personalized treatment designed to reduce stress, improve range of motion, promote circulation and relieve muscular tension. You will leave with a greater sense of well-being.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: Alleviate stress with our specific clinical approach to chronic muscle tension. Recommended for those needing a more invigorating technique. Muscle tension is reduced with work or acupressure points using muscle compression and passive stretching.

Neuromuscular Therapy: Balance your body’s nervous system and musculoskeletal system with deep massage techniques. This treatment directly influences musculoskeletal imbalance, postural distortion, iso hernia, trigger points and nerve compression/nerve entrapment.

Passive Isolated Stretching: Yoga-based stretching of muscle groups to improve range of motion. Special attention to neck, shoulders and hips is given, so wear loose clothing for this treatment.

Reflexology: Increase your energy and total body wellness, while reducing stress with this powerful treatment. Reflexology applies acupressure massage to the feet and hands. Numerous reflex points on the feet and hands connect to each organ in the body.


      Advanced Neuromuscular ……………….$75-$140


      Swedish/Deep Tissue/Integrative, 60 min…………$85

Massage package discounts available for 3,6 or 12 sessions.

On-Site Chair Massage available for businesses during office meetings, special occasions or as a rejuvenation perk for employees.