About Us

Natural Health Center was founded in 1998 by Dr. Anthony W. Vanderpool, his wife Julia and mother-in-law Carmen Mikolajcik. The clinic began as a small family run chiropractic facility with the goal to expand to other natural health-care alternatives.

In 1999 Clinical Massage Therapy was introduced into the practice as an excellent adjudicative therapy to Chiropractic. Many patients have found it to speed up their recovery; overall improving their conditions. Dr. Vanderpool has found this to be a necessary component in treating many neuromuscular conditions.

By 2000 Dr. Vanderpool completed additional specialized training in Nutritional and Homeopathic care. He found most patients needed more than just structural improvements. Nutritional advice and counseling with the scientific approach of Hair Analysis is an important diagnostic and healing tool at Natural Health Center. Our Doctors guide patients to make specific changes to diet, use the correct supplements for their body and symptoms. This is a mainstay in balancing a patients biochemical profile.

The flagship of products Natural Health Center carries is Standard Process, a well established and researched nutritional company. In addition to a full line of Standard Process minerals and supplements Natural Health Center has expanded over the years to many different choices in natural and food based products and natural healing items like neti pots and ear candles.

In 2001 the vision of a complimentary and alternative clinic came to fruition with an expansion of the facility which doubled the clinical space. This made room for the necessary addition of another Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist.

Lea Krier, Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine joined the practice in 2002 bringing the ancient art of Oriental healing to Natural Health Center. The three most popular and established complimentary healing arts together in one location brought the vision of Natural Health Center to completion.