Janet W., April 1999 (Neck Pain & Stiffness)

    I started seeing Dr. Vanderpool in August of 1998. I was experiencing limited range of motion in my neck and crepitation (noisy clicking), day and night. Most days when I woke up my neck was very stiff.

    I had been a diligent chiropractic patient for nine years (‘85-’94) after being involved in a number of serious car accidents. For the past five years we have not had insurance that covered chiropractic so I let my problem go too far.

    So, I was suffering for five years treating my pain with lots of aspirin and bed rest. I am a potter and a teacher and my normal life was interrupted because I had to limit my “throwing” time. Because the pain was intensified when I worked, I often avoided doing demonstrations on the pottery wheel for my students. Even folding laundry was at times difficult.

    On my third visit with Dr. Vanderpool I was moving more freely and noticed my ability to balance on stairs etc. had greatly improved. I continued with the treatment plan Dr. Vanderpool suggested and I come in for check-ups now and then.

    I love chiropractic care. I believe in the non-invasive care philosophy. I have been through orthopedist’s prescriptions (Robaxin, Darvon etc.) an intra-articular injections and on and on. Sigh. Chiropractic is the only spinal care for me!

Shawn T., July 2010 (Neck/Shoulder Pain & Weakness)

    I began seeing Dr. Doyle in June 2010. At that time I had sharp pain from my neck and shoulder that would shoot down my right arm to my elbow. I also had reduced strength in that arm which was affecting my daily life as well as my tennis game. The problem had been getting progressively worse over the course of five weeks, to the point that I was taking 6-8 Advil just to get through the day. My daily life was completely disrupted by the pain. Once I began seeing Dr. Doyle, the pain and weakness improved with each visit. In 3-4 weeks, I was completely pain-free. Now, I feel dramatically healthier and stronger. I am definitely looser and have better range of motion, and now only come in for check-ups.

Susan H., April 1999 (Chronic Headaches & Neck Pain)

    I began chiropractic care with Dr. Vanderpool on May 11, 1998. I was plagued with chronic headaches and experienced trouble breathing deeply, neck pain, numb fingers and weak arms. I also had muscular and vascular pain in my legs. I pushed through my daily responsibilities like work and social things but I was exhausted at home.

    I had been experiencing these problems since 1994 (about 4 years). I had been to one other chiropractor and had seen a neurologist and physiotherapists. I took aspirin on a daily basis. Narcotics had been prescribed for me but I did not take them. I did, however, begin to take more and more alcohol in the evenings – another catch 22 for short term relief of pain.

    In about three or four weeks after my first appointment with Dr. Vanderpool I noticed the results of the chiropractic care. It gave me mobility and no headaches!

    Given the control the spine has over the entire body, chiropractic makes logical sense. In my case, before I began chiropractic treatment I was unable to move or lie still without pain.. The stress of constant pain eventually frazzled my nervous system and caused my personality to change; i.e. irritability and frequent volatile outbursts.

    I now feel like a different person and continue coming to Natural Health Center for regular chiropractic check-ups to maintain a healthy state.

    I highly recommend chiropractic care with Dr. Vanderpool for anyone experiencing pain or health problems.

Kay F., July 2010 (Tight Neck, Shoulders & Back)

    I began treatment with Dr. Doyle in May 2010 because my neck, shoulders, and back were very tight. I had very limited range of motion and felt I could never stretch anything out. I also had a “knot” on my left hip which was very painful and prevented me from exercising. The worst thing was that the pain prevented me from taking long walks, which I love. My husband and I also used to ride our bicycles 18-20 miles a week, but with my pain I had to eliminate these too.

    These problems had been bothering me for over two years. I had visited another chiropractor who provided minimum relief. I was also prescribed a muscle relaxer but experienced no relief whatsoever.

    After seeing Dr. Doyle, I noticed immediate relief. The next weekend my husband and I rode 12 miles, and now I am back walking (though not quite as far as I’d like due to the heat)! Being older, the benefits of chiropractic care are life-changing. I am trying to exercise and eat sensibly, which I was unable to do before I saw Dr. Doyle. After, I am back to my normal life!

Mary K., December 1998 (Constant Back Pain)

    I first came to Dr. Vanderpool in September of 1998, hoping to find relief from constant back pain. I was told I had damaged my spine and had limited mobility in my back. I had seen medical doctors, the latest of whom told me that I would have to have surgery on my back.

    My back had been bothering me for about three months and I had used both over-the-counter and prescription pain killers in order to function. At first I couldn’t do anything because of serious pain. I did not want to have surgery and was willing to try anything. My gynecologist referred me to Dr. Vanderpool. There were very few things that I could do without serious pain. After two to three weeks of beginning Chiropractic care I felt significant relief from my back pain.

    Dr. Vanderpool has helped me. I have stopped taking the pain killers. Chiropractic care has not only helped my back pain, but it has also helped me to feel better overall. I have learned that anyone can benefit from chiropractic care, and highly recommend it to everyone!

Sherry W., October 1998 (Headaches/Disc Rupture)

    I used to have headaches every other day. I have been experiencing headaches and sleeping problems since the age of 12 and I have had low back pain due to a ruptured disc for about two years. I’ve seen general practitioners for my headaches and was prescribed medications. I have also consulted a orthopedic doctor and was given muscle relaxants. I saw a neurosurgeon and other Chiropractors before coming to Natural Health Center.

    I received results from my past chiropractors, although the adjustments were uncomfortable. I assumed that was the way an adjustment was supposed to feel. When Dr. Vanderpool adjusted me I felt relaxed. His method of adjustment was gentle, therefore I decided to start seeing Dr. Vanderpool.

    My normal life had been disrupted due to my stiff back. I experienced limitation of my physical activities and lacked a good night’s sleep. I noticed a difference after my first visit at Natural Health Center!

    Without Chiropractic work, I feel I would not be walking now or that I would have gotten to the point where surgery on my lower back would have been necessary. I have also been able to decrease my headache meds due to adjustments to my neck. My overall general health is better and my physical and mental attitude has improved. I am presently training to walk a 26.2 mile marathon for the Leukemia Society and plan to make it.

Jeff P., December 1998 (Back Pain/Foot Pain)

    I came to Natural Health Center in February of 1998 for bad back pain. This pain had been bothering me for about three years. My back was always stiff and it hurt almost everyday. I also experienced pain in both of my feet, especially my left foot.

    I took over the counter medications for the pain and consulted approximately two doctors for my problem before I came to Natural Health Center and consulted Dr. Vanderpool.

    I began to notice serious results due to my regular chiropractic care about two to three months after beginning treatment.

    Dr. Vanderpool set up a plan of care for me and gave me physical therapy exercises for my specific problem. I kept my appointments, followed his recommendations and did my exercises regularly. Now, I do not have any more back pain. My foot problems are gone too. I don’t even take over the counter medications any longer.

Glenn F., September 1998 (Neck Pain/Arm Numbness)

    I lived with pain everyday. I had neck pain which extended into my right shoulder and throughout my arm. My arm had numbness that went down to my fingers. This problem had been bothering me for about three years.

    I had been to physical therapists but I did not take any drugs for my pain.

    My life was interrupted daily from these symptoms. I had problems turning my head and the loss of feeling in my right hand was disturbing.

    The results of my Chiropractic care became most apparent within two months of beginning care. Most of my pain has gone away. Dr. Vanderpool’s Chiropractic care has helped me. I feel a significant relief and I don’t have to live with the pain any longer!

Amy G., April 1999 Low Back & Neck Pain

    I have had pain in my low back and neck for about 15 years. I had been to about five doctors for my pain but they couldn’t help me. I took various drugs like Motrin, Tylenol 3 with Codeine, Phenergan and Doans. They helped to alleviate the pain but nothing solved the problem.

    The back pain limited me or bothered me when I carried my little girl. Sometimes I would do little things that would make my back go out.

    I met Dr. Vanderpool at the Natural Health Expo and came to the clinic for care on October 16, 1998. After my second treatment at Natural Health Center I noticed results from the adjustments Dr. Vanderpool gave me.

    I really like the care you receive and the knowledge you are given before Dr. Vanderpool does any treatments, every step you know what he or one of his assistants is going to do with you.

    Now, I do not take any medications my pain is gone. I just exercise and live healthy.

Richard S., September 1998 Coming soon

Bill G., May 1999 (Headaches)

    I came to Dr. Vanderpool March 15, 1999 for headaches I had been experiencing for about six months. A co-worker of mine referred me to Natural Health Center because he had received great results with Dr. Vanderpool and chiropractic.

    I had been experiencing these nagging headaches every morning when I woke up. After about two-weeks I noticed the results of my chiropractic adjustments.

    I believe chiropractic care eliminated my headaches. I feel great!

Ed S., August 1998 (Headaches, Numbness, Neck & Back Pain)

    I came to Natural Health Center in early March, 1998, for pain in my neck and back, headaches and numbness after an airplane accident in February of 1998. Before I came to Dr. Vanderpool, I went to Carolina Spine Institute and saw Dr. Don Johnson, an orthopedic surgeon. He prescribed steroids and some painkillers (I did not take the pain killers because I wanted a natural approach for my problem).

    My normal life was interrupted after the accident. I missed sleep and experienced pain and discomfort almost everyday.

    I began to notice results from my Chiropractic care during the first week and I noted a lot of relief within a few months after my first adjustment. I have started working out again, I can do my normal activities without pain and I am sleeping better.

    I am very impressed with the care I have received at Natural Health Center. I’m a believer in Chiropractic! My neck and upper back pain have diminished, I do not get headaches anymore, my arm and hand numbness and tingling symptoms are also gone.

    My wife has also become a patient at Natural Health Center.

Terry D., August 1998 Low Back Pain/Sciatica

    I came to Natural Health Center on April 9, 1998 for lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain in my right leg. I had been experiencing these symptoms for approximately one year.

    My pain and discomfort bothered me three to four days out of the week. I noticed great improvement almost immediately after my first adjustment.

    Due to consistent chiropractic visits I feel my overall back pain has dissipated greatly! I come in for my regular check-ups; I hold my adjustments very well. I never get to the point where I am in severe pain anymore. I think Natural Health Center has an overall great clinic. The staff is always very positive. I think it is wonderful here.

    I bring my two children, Amanda and Keith, to Natural Health Center for regular monthly check-ups. They enjoy coming and getting checked by Dr. Vanderpool, they think it is “cool”.

Daren H., July 1999

    I began chiropractic care at Natural Health Center n October of 1998. For most of my life, I had experienced a lack of mobility in my neck, aching back and an overall sore feeling.

    The symptoms had been present for most of my life. I attributed them to a lot of time spent playing baseball, football and hockey. I practically lived on Tylenol and aspirin. Overall, I felt a lot older than I was.

    My first experience with chiropractic was a brief one in Calgary, Canada. Once I began care with Dr. Vanderpool, I felt relief within the first four visits.

    I feel that chiropractic is as important to my general well-being as exercise and proper diet.

Barbara K., August 1998 (Migraines)

    I began having migraines more than 20 years ago. They increased in severity about ten years ago. I have seen more than five medical doctors for my problem and have taken countless over the counter drugs and many different prescription medications such as Ziac and Imitrex.

    My life has been interrupted on a daily and monthly basis. I would lose two to three weeks each month due to severe migraines. I would not be able to function due to the pain from these headaches. They would leave me incapacitated for most of the day or for days. Neck stiffness and lack of mobility also left me uncomfortable and made it hard for me to do things.

    I saw a Chiropractor in Kentucky about four years ago and he helped me a lot. In April of 1998 I decided to get Chiropractic care for foot pain I was having. I came to Natural Health Center and consulted Dr. Vanderpool about nerve damage in my foot. My lower back was too far gone. I discovered I have multiple disc bulges and degeneration in my spine which was causing my foot problem. Dr. Vanderpool said this was not something he would be able to help, it was too late, but he said he could help me with my migraines.

    Results began to happen about one month after I began Chiropractic care with Dr. Vanderpool. My muscle tension has eased and I have a greater sense of relaxation due to my adjustments. My migraines have lessened in severity. It is a pleasure to come to the clinic because the entire staff is competent and knowledgeable.

Debra P., April 1999 (Neck & Shoulder Pain)

Dr. Vanderpool began chiropractic care with me on November 9, 1998. My husband had been seeing Dr. Vanderpool for months. I decided to go to Natural Health Center after suffering from shoulder and neck pain. I had been experiencing the problem for a few days and attributed it to working on the computer and using the mouse too much.

My life was interrupted due to this neck pain because I could not move and could not work! After my first adjustment I noticed results immediately!

Dr. Vanderpool cares. He is very well trained and is a fabulous doctor. The staff at Natural Health Center is always friendly and helpful. I enjoy putting my well being in their hands.

Beth S., December 1998 Shoulder/Low Back & Hip Pain

    I began chiropractic care with Dr. Vanderpool in July of 1998. I was searching for something to give me relief from pain I had been having for several years. I was experiencing pain in my low back pain as well as pain in my right shoulder and hip. Everyday after work, I would go home in so much pain that I could not enjoy my time off.

    I had been in pain for years, and had not been able to find any lasting relief. I had consulted two general practitioners, and two other chiropractors before coming to Natural Health Center. Dr. Vanderpool has been much more thorough than the other chiropractors I have seen.

    I felt significant relief from my back pain within three weeks of my first visit with Dr. Vanderpool. I keep my appointments and have received results from my regular chiropractic care

    I strongly feel that chiropractic care has helped me in more ways than just pain relief. I have seen positive changes in my overall outlook and attitude, and credit this to the care I have received from Dr. Vanderpool.